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Curve Ball 3D

Curve Ball 3D is an exciting 3D pong game with neon graphics where players participate in a three-dimensional table tennis match to defeat their opponents.

How to play

Use the controls to move your ping pong ball left, right or up and down to catch the ball. Hit the ball at different angles to change the ball's trajectory. You need to align your racket to hit the target on your opponent's side.

As you pass each level, the speed in the game will gradually increase. And you need to quickly keep up with the game.

Your goal in the game is to overcome your opponent's defense to score points. If you score more points, you win the round.


  • Left click to polish
  • Move your mouse to move the racket


  • Neon-Themed Visuals
  • 3D Gameplay
  • Curving Mechanics
  • Progressive Difficulty
  • Competitive Gameplay
  • Leaderboards
  • Dynamic Soundtrack

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