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Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush is a high-octane race game that challenges players to jump, slide, and cling onto constantly moving trucks. 

How to play

In this heart-pounding adventure, gamers experience a life-and-death race on unique roads. This will bring surreal feelings from a first-person perspective. The game unfolds with thrilling scenes, obstacle courses, and unexpected explosions.

In the game, players synchronize with the exciting rhythms for more effective navigation. As you advance through the levels, the seemingly easy roads transform into treacherous paths that demand sharp reflexes and precise control to prevent falling off the trucks. A single mistake leads to players having to restart from the beginning.

The gameplay involves controlling the character's running and jumping on trucks that are constantly in motion.


  • Spacebar: jump up.
  • Hold the spacebar: climb.
  • Use the LEFT RIGHT arrow to control the trucks.

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