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Geometry Dash Wave

Geometry Dash Wave is a rhythm game inspired by the classic Geometry Dash game, where players will control a ship through a path full of dangerous obstacles to reach their destination safely.

How to play

The game has the same gameplay as the classic original game but adds the special feature that you have to control a constantly falling ship moving forward. The goal is to reach the end of the level safely.

You must hold down the jump button for the ship to fly up. However, obstacles are spikes that will appear all over the path, and you must not touch them.
If you touch any of them, you will die immediately, and the game will start again.

Geometry Dash Wave's gameplay changes make it one of the most difficult versions of Geometry Dash to win. The game challenges new gamers and professional gamers with surfing gameplay.
Overcome all the obstacles and conquer all the levels in the game.


SPACE or UP Arrow to Jump

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