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Slope 2 Player

Welcome to Slope 2 Player, an incredibly captivating running game where your main goal is to skillfully maneuver the ball, avoid obstacles and roll as far as possible to advance through the levels.

How to play Slope 2 Player game

Prepare yourself for a challenging journey as you guide the ball down steep and unpredictable slopes, requiring expert control to keep it on track. Utilize the slanted boards strategically, pushing the ball to great heights with daring leaps. Beware of obstacles scattered along the course; make sure that while navigating through tunnels, the ball doesn't crash into the tunnel walls.

Diamonds hold significant value in the game, as they allow you to unlock various types of balls and acquire additional power-ups from the store.

Let's play Slope 2 Player and test the limits of your skills!

Game Controls

Slope 2 Player offers both a 1-player and 2-player mode, granting you the option to challenge your family and friends in this exciting adventure.

Player 1:

Use the WASD keys to control the ball's movement.

Player 2:

Take charge with the arrow keys to steer the ball.


With its endless racetrack, Slope 2 Player provides unlimited excitement.

There are three powerful and strategically useful power-ups: Protect Shield, Double Diamonds, and Magnet.

With the game's stunning, high-quality 3D visuals and energetic music, players can immerse themselves fully in the action.

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