Looking for a fun, competitive multiplayer IO game that puts you in an epic snow battle? If so, look no further since is all that you need now!

How to play

In, you need to accumulate snow by moving around to make your snowball get bigger and bigger so that it’ll be easier for you to obliterate the opponents and become the winner.

While trying to eliminate other players, watch out for them, too. Lots of other opponents are in the arena, and they can hit you at any time. Along with your opponents, don’t forget to keep an eye on parts of the ice platform that disappear when the level progresses.


The game features really fun and addictive gameplay, but it has really simple controls.

Use your left mouse to control your in-game character, drive it around, and make a big snowball. Release your mouse to shoot the ball toward your opponent.

The last player surviving after all will win the match, earn XP, and, more importantly, unlock new skins. seems quite easy at the beginning. However, when you reach higher and higher levels, you’ll quickly find it pretty challenging. Be quick and maintain your high concentration throughout the game.

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