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Cubes is a merge game that combines elements of Snake and 2048. Match cubes of corresponding value to create the biggest number and surpass your opponents.

How to play

You must control the snake to chase around the arena to merge blocks with the same number into larger numbers. At that time, the length of the snake will shorten.
You can eat any amount that is smaller than you or even smaller than your opponents. Skillfully eat blocks or attack opponents to take away some or all of their blocks. Eat a lot to improve your score.

At the same time, larger opponents can also attack and devour you. Or less likely to eat your blocks. Be careful not to bump into them.

Tips to play

Use power-ups to quickly catch up with opponents and take blocks from them.

Stay away from large enemies when you start the game.

Avoid eating division marks because they will lose your points.

Use your skills to get the highest score in this fun IO game. Be the biggest snake and no one can defeat you!

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