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Geometry Dash 23

Geometry Dash 23 is an exciting new version of the famous Geometry Dash game, released in 2023. Join the exciting adventure to discover new things the game has to offer.

How to play

The game's gameplay is based on old rules, but what's new are the graphics and the challenges you have to face. You need to control the character running on the track. The geometry will automatically slide forward and you cannot slow it down.

You must control it to avoid or jump if you encounter unexpected obstacles on the road. The number and variety of obstacles in the game will increase compared to the old version. You must try not to touch any obstacles; if you do, the game will stop immediately.

The game's map will also be more difficult and unpredictable. You have to overcome all of them to advance as far as possible and score a lot of points. Besides, you can also collect coins to show your ingenuity.

Some obstacles


Use the left mouse button or the spacebar.

Many modes

The game includes many different modes; below are the four main modes:

  • Stereo Madness
  • Back on Track
  • Polargeist, Dry Out
  • Base after Base

Embark on a musical adventure to conquer different challenging levels with Geometry Dash 23 now!

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