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Slope 3

In Slope 3, your task is still to get the ball as far as you can, but things might be a little bit more interesting thanks to new graphics, sound effects, and more.

How to play Slope 3 game

As with other games belonging to the Slope series, Slope 3 has you control a ball on a course where lots of slopes and obstructions take place all along the way.

The ball runs at very high speeds, especially when it’s about to climb up slopes, so it’s extremely challenging to drive your ball far as the course changes shape continuously; falling off the course simply means that your game is over.

In addition, there are a plethora of obstacles everywhere you go. Hitting any of them will immediately end your game.

Game Controls

Controlling your ball in Slope 3 just requires the use of the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard (you can also use the A and D keys on your keyboard instead—use A to move left and D to move right).

Try to keep your ball balanced and stay in the middle of the racetrack whenever possible. Also, be focused on the movement of your ball and always ready to encounter unpredictable slopes and obstacles ahead.

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