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Snowball Racing

Snowball Racing is a running game where you will control a snowball to collect lots of snow to build stairs and reach the finish line fastest.

How to play

Your task in the game is to collect a lot of snow to create the largest snowball. In each level, you will use the collected snow to build stairs to the next level.

On the track, you also have to face opponents. You will participate in racing with two other players. At this point, you can crash into opponents to destroy their orbs or reduce their speed.

As you go deeper into the rounds, the difficulty of the game increases. The length of the trail and the amount of snow you need to reach are also greater. It requires your dexterity and concentration.
When you complete a level, you will receive coins. Use them to unlock Santa for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

The game includes many levels for you to explore. Join now and make your snowball the biggest and become the Snowball Master!


Use the mouse to control the character.

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