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Slope Tunnel

Let's jump into the world of Slope Tunnel! Experience the excitement of an incredible arcade game. The goal is to control the ball through a series of mesmerizing 3D mazes at lightning speeds. What's the highest score you can get? Test your ability and aim for a remarkable high score in this thrilling arcade adventure!

How to play Slope Tunnel

Using the left and right arrows, maneuver the ball, hopping skillfully from one platform to another, ensuring its constant motion. Be cautious and stick to the green backgrounds, as venturing onto other platforms will cut short your run, requiring a fresh start. While navigating the maze, don't miss collecting the small dots to boost your score and temporarily reduce your speed.

Remember, only the green platforms are safe havens for your ball. A single misstep on any other platform will bring your run to an end, prompting a restart. So, be focused on your journey!

Game controls

The ball jumps by moving it left or right. Use the left / right arrow keys to make the ball jump left or right.


A thrilling game set in a vibrant green tunnel.

In-game challenges with increasing speed, which can be temporarily reduced by collecting small white dots along the way.

Moreover, players can enjoy the excitement of new surprises in every game, as platforms are randomly generated each time they play.


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