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Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the 2nd installment of the classic Temple Run endless running game, where you must undertake a dangerous escape mission across treacherous terrain.
Will you survive this adventure full of traps?

How to play

Your task is to control the character to escape from the dangerous monkey monster. Control the character to run left, right, jump, or duck through to run on the trail and avoid unexpected traps. Cross cliffs, forests, mines, and even rushing rivers to successfully escape.

The further you go, the more difficult the game will be. Unexpected obstacles and paths will change rapidly, requiring your quick reflexes.



  • Move - AD or Left/Right arrow keys
  • Jump - W or Up arrow key
  • Slide down- S or Down arrow key


  • Move and turn - swipe left / right
  • Jump - swipe up
  • Slide - swipe down

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Arcade Games

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