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Reach the Core

Reach the Core is a mining game reminiscent of Diggy, offering players various upgrade options. In this quest, your energy is limited, but the allure of plasma on a nearby planet drives you to reach its core.

How to play

Strap into your driller, navigate through this peculiar alien planet, and use the arrow keys or W and D to turn your drill.

The game challenges you to harvest minerals, accumulate resources to purchase upgrades, and unlock new drill equipment from the shop. Success in reaching the core depends on strategic spending and efficient resource management.

The main screen features import and export buttons, providing a convenient way to save and back up your game progress. This allows for seamless transitions between computers or protection against data loss.

Embark on an adventurous journey; skillful drilling and smart resource utilization pave the way to uncover the mysteries hidden within the planet's core. 

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