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Machine City Balls

Machine City Balls is a fun parkour game that challenges you to collect rare balls and conquer all the game's obstacles to emerge victorious!

How to play

Control a metallic ball as you navigate through the challenging, treacherous paths. Your objective is to reach the target destination at the end of each level.

Each level presents a new set of obstacles. There are sharp turns, wide gaps, and deadly traps. But tread carefully; you only have 5 lives per level!

Use your mouse to accelerate the ball by dragging it up on the screen. Slow it down by dragging it down.

Collect additional lives and coins along the way to power up and unlock more shiny skins. Keep an eye out for checkpoints, which allow you to respawn at your latest checkpoint if you perish, provided you have enough lives.

Plus, gather coins to unlock a variety of ball skins for added customization.

In addition, you can refer to the game Geometry Jump to experience other new fast-paced experiences.

Game Controls:

Use the mouse or arrow to move the ball

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