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Tunnel Rush

Welcome to the ultimate 3D single-player experience of Tunnel Rush! Are you ready for joining a blazing journey through mesmerizing caves and tunnels? Each level in Tunnel Rush presents you with captivating 3D passages. 

How to play Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is here to push your skills to the limit. Dodge barriers, show your fast-paced reactions, and prove to those obstacles! With Tunnel Rush, you have a great chance to display your prowess and conquer the exciting world of tunnels. So, jump into the game now and let the thrilling journey begin! Beyond overcoming the obstacles, players can also collect coins to progress through the tunnels. These valuable coins unlock new characters and skins, serving as extra motivation for players to push their limits and strive for more achievements.

With each advancing level, the tunnels become progressively more challenging, featuring faster speeds. This dynamic aspect breathes new life into the gameplay.


Left/right arrow keys or A, D keys: Move left/right.

Spacebar: Pause or restart.


- Vibrant and colorful graphics! The tunnels come alive with neon lights and geometric shapes. This creates a futuristic ambiance.

- Fast-paced element with playful music and thrilling sound effects. That ensures an exciting experience.

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