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Tunnel Mania

Tunnel Mania is a tunnel racing game, providing a high-speed experience with attractive graphics. As an action racer, players navigate tunnels at breakneck speeds, enjoying seamless controls and vibrant visuals.

The game features an infinite tunnel concept, which includes multiple tunnels in a single gameplay experience.

How to play Tunnel Rush Mania

Players will experience exciting adventures, racing through vast neon-lit tunnels filled with challenging obstacles.

Boasting 100 levels set in vibrant and intriguing environments, the game gradually increases the pace of play, providing a dynamic and challenging experience.

Players must demonstrate patience and quick reflexes to overcome nearly insurmountable obstacles. 

Navigate through numerous obstacles to safely reach the destination. Choose your preferred difficulty level for a customized experience. Enjoy guaranteed fun for one or two players.


Arrows left / right = move

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