Share is a multiplayer survival game in which players must defend themselves against the elements and aggressive wildlife in a harsh landscape.

How to play Starve io

Your goal in the game can be to last the longest. Starting from zero, players must collect resources such as wood and food to craft tools, weapons, and shelter.

Collect and Craft tools and weapons to protect your body from danger and hunt for food to fight hunger.

When at night, the player must build a fire to stay warm and fend off predators while controlling their hunger.

The game has an ever-changing setting and you have to compete with other survivors for the right to win.

How long is a day in starve io?

A complete day lasts 8 minutes in total, of which 4 during the day and the same at night.


WASD = move, Mouse = craft/attack/build

Tips to play

  • Build a campfire to beat the weather
  • Collect items to craft weapons
  • Sow seeds to produce food
  • Upgrade tools with diamonds

Game modes

  • Normal mode
  • zombie mode
  • Vampire mode
  • Forest mode

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Arcade Games