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Slope City 2

Are you afraid of heights? If yes, this game is really a challenge for your spirit. Welcome to Slope City 2, the thrilling running game with the highest race track! In this adventurous journey, you'll take control of the ball, aiming to reach the next level while collecting valuable blue gemstones along the way. As you run, you'll encounter numerous challenges, particularly wide gaps scattered throughout the track. You can't make the ball jump these gaps, so be on the lookout for special items that provide a high jump ability to clear them.
Join the game and put your response skills to the test!

How to play Slope City 2

Your mission is to redirect the ball skillfully along the race track, conquering your fear of heights and potential falls. The track's height and narrowness will keep you on edge, making it crucial to maintain focus and avoid falling down. Use the keys to guide the ball, but beware; a misstep can make your session over. Collect the gemstones during your run, as they hold immense value in the game. You can utilize these gemstones to purchase various items and unlock balls with different colors and images from the shop. Each level offers opportunities to hoard gemstones, so seize every chance to earn more.

Game controls

Use the A and D, or left and right arrow keys, to navigate the ball.

Tips to win the game

To help you conquer Slope City 2, here are some useful tips and tricks for this game.

Choose the right path: Players should make a wise decision as they navigate the ball, finding the most promising routes.

Collect gemstones along your way: Gathering the gems scattered on the course is the fastest way to boost your achievements.

Stay in the middle: Try to stay in the middle of the track as long as you can. It offers more stability to react to obstacles.

Practice makes perfect: In any Slope game, spending time to train your skill, as well as your reaction, is required to conquer the game. Slope City 2 is no exception.

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