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Slope Car Stunt

Slope Car Stunt is an endless racing game that falls under the slope game genre, where players take control of a car navigating through a complex network of slopes.

How to play

The objective is to maintain control of the car as it accelerates through various interconnected ramps. The gameplay requires players to showcase exceptional reflexes to navigate the car smoothly through the slopes.

As the car gains speed, the challenge will increase. The dynamic movement of the car adds an element of thrill to every twist and turn.

Whether you opt for structured levels with specific objectives or the perpetual excitement of endless driving mode, the game ensures an immersive and enjoyable racing adventure.

In-Game Shop:

Explore the Shop to upgrade your car for a fresh experience. Choose from a diverse selection, including luxury cars, tractors, tankers, vans, and more. Gather gems to unlock these exciting options.


The shield prevents life loss upon colliding with obstacles but use it wisely as its duration is limited.

Exercise caution during its usage. The magnet boosts the gem collection, even from a distance. Grab those distant gems effortlessly.

The X2 point provides a significant score boost. Use it strategically to earn more points.


Press A/D or left/right arrow to steer left/right.

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