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Slope Ball

There are lots of funny moments you can find in the Slope Ball, where you will drive your ball on exotic journeys, discovering new lands. Will you reach your dream destinations and explore all the available locations in the game?

How to play Slope Ball

As its name suggests, in Slope Ball, players control a ball moving down a long slope. Obviously, it’s not a simple task since, along the slopes, there will be tons of obstacles, walls, and traps.

Hitting or touching one of them will break your ball and bring the game to an end immediately. So, try your best to dodge them and reach the finish line as quickly as possible (with the fewest attempts).

The game features five unique locations and a dozen fascinating yet challenging laps. By finishing the current level quickly, you can unlock the next lap.

Game Controls

Use the up arrow key on your keyboard or your left mouse to jump over the obstacles. Stay focused and always ready for all the obstructions taking place along your way to the destination of each lap.

Note that you can change the difficulty of the game to Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, and Insane, of which Insane is the hardest one, where your ball will roll instantly fast.

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