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Slice Master

Slice Master is a fast-paced action game where players slice their blade through fruit and navigate tricky obstacles. It combines the slicing action of Fruit Ninja game.

How to Play Slice Master

Players control the knife to chop up as many objects as possible while avoiding hazards. With each level, the difficulty increases.
The controls are simple, with players only needing to click to jump.

Timing is key, as players will begin to fall about a second after jumping. The player must align the blade to fall in its correct position and cut as much fruit as possible. The player's goal is to cut as many objects as possible, but avoid touching red objects.

At the end of each level, players encounter a large pillar with various targets. Each target has a different effect on the player's point total, with some adding points and others deducting them.

Players must flip with precision and aim to stick their knife into targets that will yield additional points.


  • Many Slice Skins to Unlock
  • Unique levels
  • Simple gameplay

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