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Impostor is a space adventure game where players navigate a spaceship alongside a crew against the impostor in their midst.

Game stories

Players must be vigilant and monitor suspicious behavior to guard against imposters. They can appear everywhere. Their goal is to destroy everyone and yourself.

Encountering them is very dangerous. Imposters can use a variety of tactics, such as hiding in the shadows or ambushing ventilation shafts. Can you find and destroy it?

How to play Among Impostor

Players navigate the spaceship using the directional pad or touch/point-and-click mode. Pick out the impostor if you suspect it at any time; if you give up, the game will stop immediately.

During gameplay, a live player may initiate a community meeting by reporting a dead body or activating the emergency meeting button.


  • Multiplayer mode
  • Simple gameplay
  • Attractive 2D graphics
  • Online rankings

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