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Going Balls

Going Balls is an exciting 3D arcade game that tests players' hand-eye coordination abilities.

How to play Going Balls

In this game, players have to control a metal ball rolling down a wooden track. The main goal? Navigate the challenging course, collect coins along the way, and reach the finish line. Can you master the track and roll your way to victory? Join the Going Ball game and showcase your ability and skill!

Going Balls’ gameplay is simple and easy to learn. Your job is to redirect the ball, collect coins along the way, and reach the finish line without hitting the obstacles.

As you progress, gather coins to unlock new balls and seize keys to unlock treasure chests for rewards.


To play Going Balls, simply swipe your screen or use the arrow keys to roll the ball over the floating wooden track.


In Going Balls, there's a unique twist compared to other endless running ball games like Slope. You have to change direction and roll backward, giving you the opportunity to retrieve missed coins and keys, thus increasing your score.

Tips to win the game

To excel and achieve victory in Going Balls, consider the following game tips:

Maintain consistency: Keep the ball rolling consistently to maintain momentum and speed. Frequent swiping or tapping will help you stay on track and tackle obstacles effectively.

Collect coins and keys: Gather as many coins as possible to unlock new balls and increase your score. Don't miss any keys, as they unlock treasure chests with valuable rewards.

Be patient: Take your time and avoid rushing through the course. Precision is essential, especially in these slope games.



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