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Galaxy Slope

Galaxy Slope takes you on a fantastic 3D space ball-running adventure. In this game, players will control a dynamic 3D ball as it rolls through space on a platform.

Take the reins and guide the ball on its thrilling journey down the track, but remember, staying on course is crucial. Your responsibility is to keep the ball under control and prevent it from veering off the path. Beware of the edges, as one wrong move could lead to an accident with obstacles. Pay attention to the route you choose to avoid falling or crashing.

As your journey extends, you'll be rewarded with the sight of more planets from our vast solar system, adding an awe-inspiring touch to your cosmic escapade.

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How to play Galaxy Slope

To navigate your way through the cosmic challenges:

On PC:

Use the arrow keys or the left and right arrows to steer the 3D ball.

Press the Spacebar button to restart the game.

On mobile phones:

Touch the device's screen to control the 3D ball.


The first and foremost feature of Galaxy Slope is its captivating neon graphics and stylish visuals.

Besides, players have the chance to compete with others and strive to surpass their achievements on the leaderboard.

Last but not least, this game features a full-screen mode. That gives players an immersive experience.

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