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Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is a 2D arcade adventure game where players guide the iconic T-Rex through a vast desert filled with obstacles.

Gaming Tips

To kick off the prehistoric journey, users can initiate the game by either tapping the spacebar on their computer keyboard or the designated dino key on their smartphone.

Mastering the art of leaping forward is essential, enabling the dinosaur to gracefully navigate and leap over cacti rather than colliding with them.

Additionally, the game introduces the need to crouch to avoid airborne threats, offering players a dynamic and immersive experience in this ever-shifting prehistoric world.

How to play

The controls are straightforward yet essential for survival in this pixelated landscape.

  • Players can press and hold the ↑ or SPACEBAR to propel the dinosaur into higher jumps, crucial for overcoming obstacles like towering cacti.
  • The ↓ key proves indispensable for evading agile falcons that swoop down menacingly.
  • For a momentary respite or strategic planning, the ALT or F11 key can be pressed to pause the game.

Should the T-Rex meet an untimely end, players can swiftly restart by pressing the spacebar or the ↑ key on their PC while tapping the T-Rex icon.

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