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Crazy Roll 3D

Crazy Roll 3D is an endless running game, drawing inspiration from the concept of slope. In this addictive game, players control a ball. Navigate a series of slanted platforms, and obstacles, and roll as far as possible while collecting diamonds.

How to play

Players must control the ball, which starts at a slow pace and gradually accelerates over boosters and ramps. The endless nature of the game is accompanied by increasing difficulty levels featuring more dynamic and challenging obstacles.

The gameplay introduces power-ups like shields, magnets, and 2x diamond boosts strategically placed on the map.

Timing is crucial as each power-up has a cooldown effect, requiring players to make wise choices, such as saving shields for higher difficulty levels.

Diamonds serve as a valuable in-game currency, encouraging players to collect them for purchases in the shop.

The shop offers an array of power-ups and diverse balls in varying sizes and speeds, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.


Press AD or left and right arrow keys to control


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