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Color Bump Dancer

Color Bump Dancer is a fun parkour game where you control a character running along a path full of colorful obstacles.

How to play

You will control the character to move left and right to avoid obstacles. At each level, you will choose a certain color, and on the path, you can only touch that color.

If you touch any other color, you will die, and the game will start over. When you pass through a portal, your colors will change, and you must adapt to them.

Obstacles will appear unexpectedly, with increasing difficulty, requiring you to be skilled to overcome them.

The game will gradually increase in speed, and your task is to move the farthest on the road.

Collect coins to buy more cool characters.

Game characters:

  • Wolverine
  • Pikachu
  • Deadpool
  • And many other characters

Test your reflexes and enjoy the rhythm in this fun running game!

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