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Bloxorz is an exciting puzzle game where you have to move a cylindrical block to its destination by strategically rolling the block on the platform.

How to play Bloxorz

To play the game, you must use the arrow keys to move blocks. The game provides a rectangular block that is twice as long as it is wide. When moving the block, you must calculate how to make the length, width, and number of cells of the block on the pedestal coincide.

If the block falls into the back pool or is placed outside the platform, you will lose.

The game includes many levels with different difficulties for you to challenge yourself.

Square shapes in the game

The game includes many types of squares, and you can use them individually or combine different types of squares to pass the levels.

  • Squares with a Green Circle help you expand your area
  • Purple squares help merge blocks
  • Squares with Blue and Orange Circle help disappear and reappear
  • Squares with Blue Arrows help you move up

Challenge yourself with the most difficult levels and enjoy the feeling of victory with Bloxorz!

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