Share is the ultimate water slide adventure game, delivering a thrilling ride through multiple levels filled with challenging obstacles and slides.

How to play

Embark on a unique aquapark experience, racing down exhilarating water slides and attempting to surpass rivals without crashing into obstacles. The game creates a competitive environment as players from around the world join the exciting race.

The primary goal is to be the first to reach the bottom of the gigantic water slide, but players must navigate barriers that can slow them down.

For those feeling adventurous, the game introduces air cannons along the slide. By sliding over them, players can be catapulted into the air. Then you can gain momentum and advance to different spots further down the slide. 



Click, hold, and move the mouse left to slide left.

Click, hold, and move the mouse right to slide right.


Press the right arrow to slide right.

Press the left arrow to slide left.

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Arcade unblocked